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  • Simple wizards to configure devices, set up rules, and create events
  • Universal UI to connect with other IoT devices
  • Reports with big data insights in multiple formats
  • Scale to millions of devices

Whether you’re a device innovator, an IoT solution provider or a multi billion dollar enterprise, you can start using Digital Service Cloud today.

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How to set up devices in Digital Service Cloud
How to set up devices
How to set up events in Digital Service Cloud
How to set up events
How to set up rules in Digital Service Cloud
How to set up rules
How to create reports in Digital Service Cloud
How to create reports
How to create a geo fence with Digital Service Cloud
How to create a geo fence

Fast track your IoT business

The Digital Service Cloud...
  • Is plug and play, flexible and easy to deploy.
  • Connects your product with an ecosystem of millions of devices.
  • Runs an intuitive, UI-driven rules engine that requires no coding.
  • Monitors and streams petabytes of data in real time.
  • Operates on a secure tenant-based system.
  • Harnesses intelligence and analytics for new revenue opportunities.
  • Lets you launch your own app quickly with a wizard-based custom app creation system.


IoT Showcase

  • SmartrWater solution is the smartest way to measure water consumption in individual apartments. It allows housing societies to meter and charge individuals on actual consumption basis. The Digital Service Cloud integrated with SmartrWater enables automated water metering and monitoring for detailed analytics and reporting.

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  • Cooey is a family health-monitoring IoT platform that collects, analyzes and provides insights about patient data. Cooey offers devices that help a user log and share medical data with the company for analysis. It also gives assistance and personalized tips based on smart-recommendation engine.

  • The ATM management solution is designed to address the challenges of managing today's complex ATM sites. It enables banks and ATM operators to take centralized control of ATM sites in real time, ensuring continuous uptime and better management of resources for better profitability and customer satisfaction.

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  • Yuvera's Linqup Tags are enterprise-grade cloud-managed NFC & QR code combo tags that help product manufacturers and marketers stay connected with customers for the product's entire lifecycle. The DSC platform enables Linqup Tags to communicate with pre-defined rule engines for real-time analytics.

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  • Telematics solutions monitor various vehicle parameters in real time helping improve safety and performance. From multi-point monitoring to engine diagnostics, and from service alerts to automated emergency response, vehicles can be managed more efficiently. Insurance companies can use telematics to analyze customer driving behavior and offer customized policies based on risk profiles.

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  • The SmartBuildings alert-based monitoring solution keeps an eye on various parameters related to the current condition of buildings: temperature, humidity, light level and occupancy. It provides an accurate 24/7 monitoring of the entire building, including sensitive environments such as data centers.

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Welcome to the Universal UI.

The big, giant mothership of aggregators.

One app to rule them all! One app to find them!

The Universal UI (UUI) is one of the most exciting features of the Digital Service Cloud. In a future not so far away, when all interconnected devices and products have their own app, chaos will reign. Or it very well could with so much data from so many sources roaming around hub-less.

The UUI is a super-app created via the Digital Service Cloud’s IoT platform that will control all other apps.

You will never again worry that there are too many apps out there — with the UUI it won’t make a difference.

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White Papers

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