5 Ways Digital Service Cloud Personalizes the Customer Experience

Today’s customers are certainly spoilt for choice – be it the variety of products they can buy or the huge number of service providers to choose from. All are available dime a dozen. Add to this the convenience of instant access that digital innovations offer. More and more customers now use advanced digital platforms and devices to always stay connected, which has made them better informed than ever before. All these trends have radically changed customer expectations and are driving the demand for more personalized products and services.

Deploy Digital Service Cloud to own the customer relationship through personalization and much more!

Digital Service Cloud from iYogi is the perfect platform to personalize the tech support experience for customers and dramatically improve their satisfaction levels. It is the most powerful cloud-based service platform for enterprises, which revolutionizes their support eco-system through the experience of managing over 10 million service requests of customers across 16 countries.

Here are 5 ways through which Digital Service Cloud helps global service providers, OEMs, software vendors, retailers, and telcos to leverage the power of personalization.

  1. Multi-Channel Support: Be Available to Customers Wherever and Whenever They Need You

Solution: Offering customer services that are available anytime and anywhere is important to ensure a personalized experience. It’s for the customers to decide which touch-point they want to use – whether they want to opt for a self-help portal or contact a support representative by mail, Digital Service Cloud has got everything covered. Digital Service Cloud is a globally accessible, redundant and highly scalable service platform that provides enterprises the flexibility to offer integrated services to customers across multiple touch-points, ensuring a consistent and personalized user experience.

  1. Automated Customer Identification and Verification: Personalize the
    Experience and Reduce Wait Time.

Solution: Everyone likes to be treated as individuals and this is what customers expect when they get in touch with a contact center. Digital Service Cloud addresses customer interaction challenges through a customer-centric approach which is data driven. The platform automatically pulls up customer information and displays it to the support agent before the interaction begins. This enables agents to quickly identify the customer, verify service entitlement, and offer a personalized experience based on customer preferences, demographics, profile, language, etc.

  1. Intelligent Call Routing: Mapping the Service Request to the Most Appropriate Resource

intellegent-call-routingSolution: Ensuring that every service request gets routed to the most appropriate channel for optimal resolution is critical to drive processes and systems towards greater efficiency and high levels of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, Digital Services Cloud has service request mapping intelligence built into the platform. Triggers that are set into motion from the very first point of customer contact are based on various criteria, which allow intelligent call routing according to the nature of service requests. This leads to a more personalized experience as the requests are processed by specialized tech experts.

  1. Predictive Analytics: Know in Advance What Your Customers Would Want

Solution: In an intensely competitive environment, Digital Services Cloud’s predictive analytics intelligence helps to build lifetime value with customers through continuous engagement and insights to anticipate their buying and support needs. For example, when a customer connects his laptop to the service cloud, the platform monitors its configuration and peripherals to offer real-time predictive recommendations to support representatives about products or services that might be required in future. By pre-empting the requirements, you keep your customers happy as they get what they would have needed.

  1. Value Segmentation: Reach Out to Your Customers With Personalized Marketing

Solution: Digital Service Cloud segments your customers by value and the revenue potential that can be realized from them. The identification of different customer segments is based on their technology usage and behavior. Value segmentation makes it easier for you to manage your customers better as different categories of customers have varying needs. By identifying different groups of customers, you can target them with personalized and relevant offers according to their requirements and revenue potential. This can turn out to be a much more effective marketing strategy as compared to targeting all your customers with the same offer.

So, if you too want to personalize the customer experience, deploy Digital Service Cloud from iYogi and achieve high customer satisfaction levels and build brand loyalty.

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